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FREE Marketing Training – July 16thh – Internet Marketing


Internet marketing includes many having a great site that attracts visitors, having a successful lead capture system, using an effective followup program and about a gagillion other bits that can seem daunting to set up. We have built a large number of websites and grown HUGE lists of targeted prospects and NEVER told anyone how we did it! This free training will be a one-shot deal where you get to find out all the behind the scenes things we do to successfully sell using internet marketing techniques!

Join us as we tell you the straight scoop on:

  • How to make sure your website or blog is attracting the right kinds of visitors who want to buy
  • Building a sales funnel that walks your prospects through the steps to a sale (or a call)
  • What type of free offer you can make that will lead eventually to a sale
  • How to sell affiliate products - what to choose and how to get sales
  • Writing emails that convert once you have them in your sales funnels
  • How to attract notice of other online people who can help you sell and get the word out
  • Tactics that will leave your competitors lying in the dust
  • Why internet marketing is for LOCAL people even more effective than for online marketers

This is behind-the-scenes access to us filming our monthly videos and YOU get the bonus of being able to ask us anything you like. No charge, no sales, just a fun time had by all PLUS you get free access to the 303 Networking event following!


Tuesday, July 16th

from 1:45 PM to 4:45 PM (MST)

Old Chicago
3550 S Wadsworth Blvd Lakewood, CO 80235

Please join us for an exclusive live audience event:

Internet Marketing | What The Heck Does It All Mean and How Can I Get ADVANCED Marketing Strategies


They tell us it is crazy to teach what we know to our competition (and the people competing with our clients) BUT we know that when everyone does well, all the little boats rise up together. We are super proud to share our behind-the-scenes secrets of how we get so many strange and wonderful opportunities, people in our sales funnel and money in our pockets. Just a few of our accomplishments that might let you know we know what we are doing...

  • Tara has helped almost 1,000 small business owners figure out what their marketing strategies should be (and gets thank you notes continutally saying how their business have improved!)
  • Our websites together get over 50,000 hits per month in a variety of targeted (and niche) markets
  • Rebekah has been doing her entire business online since 2008, growing a HUGE following and responsive list of people who want to buy what she is selling

Join Marketing & Media Monsters for Live Audience Learning. Be a part of a truly unique experience where guests have a chance to learn first hand from two of Denver’s widely recognized marketing experts. Find us Old Chicago in Lakewood for a taped live learning followed by an open discussion forum where guests can get their most pressing marketing questions answered on the spot.

  • BY INVITATION ONLY! Due to time and space constraints, limited seating available.
  • No more than 4 to a party, please complete registration for each guest.
  • Bring business cards, samples, and cookies or other tasty baked goods.
  • Guests are invited and encouraged to stay after for 303Network’s Business After Hours Networking Mixer, 5:00pm – 7:00pm.

Tara Jacobsen (Marketing Artfully) and Rebekah Welch (The Colorado Connector) are two marketing monsters in their own rights, dedicated to helping the small business owner and solo-preneur discover, learn, and implement marketing strategies that actually work to create, grow, and sustain successful ventures.

This dynamic duo has over 20 years combined marketing success! If visibility, credibility, and profitability are your business goals, these two gals have the information you need.