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ALL Kinds Of Marketing
Social Media
Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more are covered in these ideas. We KNOW that having a strong social media presence is VITAL to your marketing success.
Video & Web
Within two to three years, your customer's first look at your company will most likely be through video or a picture. See our top picks for video software and programs!
Offline Marketing
I KNOW, good old fashioned marketing is not as sexy as  the internetty stuff, BUT we have a TON of great ideas that you might have forgotten about in the new-new internet age!
100 Free Marketing Ideas

We are pleased to help small business owners with our TOTALLY FREE, 100 Free Marketing Ideas Handout to help grown your business! These are not re-hashed, out of date concepts but have been updated for the current market.

If you are here, you visited our Markting Artfully website or attended a networking event or heard me as a marketing speaker somewhere!

We offer these 100 Free Marketing Ideas to anyone who wants them, with full rights to share them or send this link on to someone else who you thing could benefit from them! I only ask two things:

  1. If you use them and have great success, email me an let me know!
  2. Please do not take off the link to this website

Once you put your name and email in and click submit, we will send you a confirmation email and then shoot you out the updated list as soon as you confirm!

Concerned that it will go out of date? No worries, as we revise it, you will get the updated version hot off the presses!